‘under way_unterwegs’ – 2017-18

A work that creates the conditions for an encounter between “everydayness” and the possibility of experiencing a visceral poetics that privileges sensing and perceiving, a space with the chance to recognize patterns and organization already present. A noticing.

A performance that can happen in any non-traditional space or what I call ‘neglected spaces’. Places that are on the way to where you are headed, overlooked, transitional spaces. That is where I am drawn. I like to think of ‘under way_unterwegs’ as performance at the speed of conversation. There are times when the ‘performance’ is the conversation and other times when conversation opens up the performance and a dialogue can happen.

‘under way_unterwegs’ has me wanting to work in broad daylight, within the workaday world. I find myself longing to see art in the middle of the day, placing myself within the perceptual potential of anyone who happens to notice the work. The evening is for leisure, dreaming and recuperation, can there be spaces for leisure, dreaming and recuperation throughout the day?