‘hi’ from san diego

A new solo performance work


Friday May 31, 2013 > 6:30pm
Saturday June 1, 2013 > 6:30pm

Expressive Arts, 3201 Thorn Street
San Diego, CA 92104

I began thinking and writing about this work in the summer of 2012 and started the process of making it in spring of 2013. In some way or another I’m always grappling with how I greet an audience; the beginning of things, how and when something starts and what my choices around this introduction reveal about me. Over the last seven years I’ve done this grappling as a collaborator in several group projects. ‘hi’ represents a return of sorts to solo work. In this piece I’m playing within and around the two letters of the very small word ‘hi’. In there are notions of acceptance, understanding, validation, vanity, sincerity, control, anger and here goes….love. Death, my relationship to dance and the desire for transformation are in there too.

Come see this first iteration. I’d love to be in conversation with you about what you see/experience.